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Why My Mold Finder for Mold Testing

There are a tremendous amount of choices when hiring a Mold Assessor that range from what equipment is used for Mold Inspection, what laboratory quantifies the samples as reports must be able to be understood by everyone. And the most import thing that cannot be marginalized (unless it’s a real estate transaction that specifies the exact parameters of the test area) the actual Residential Mold Inspection is the key.

In a good deal of cases the Home Inspector or Mold Assessor goes directly to where the client points, takes the samples and off they go without inspecting for further mold issues or the root causes of the mold as they have been programmed for real estate transactions that limit them to those parameters.

My Mold Finder believes you the client deserve a more thorough approach and with Brian that’s exactly what you should expect. With over 23 years of combined experience in Property Mold Inspection and working on homes Brian will bring his special set of skills and zest for finding what others regularly miss to your home. In addition to real life work experience Brian also was awarded the 2006 US EPA CLEAN AIR EXCELLENCE AWARD for co-inventing a hazardous dust collection system for concrete removal so he gets it that cleaner air is not an option…it’s a must. Don’t let mold ruin the joy of your home with potential odors and health risks by having a weak inspection.

The Trifecta:
Brian can use My Mold Finder Inc. to enhance your Contractor Inspection for Thoroughspect LLC @ which provides specialty contracting and wildlife exclusion services for those who already own the home being plagued by moisture, water or critters and need the ultimate Certified Mold Inspections to get to the root causes. In addition to those companies Brian is a licensed NY & CT Home Inspector for Fault Finders Inc for real estate transactions.

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