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Mold Inspection Services with an unusual twist for a win situation for the client.

Mold Assessment & Mold Inspections can consist of visual, thermal, and several types of Laboratory Certified testing procedures such as Direct sampling & Air sampling. In addition the underlying root causes must be uncovered during the inspection otherwise the Mold may return in time as the water issues may not have been addressed. My Mold Finder prides itself on providing the most thorough mold inspection available to ensure a great assessment.

We are usually called into a home or business for one or more of the following reasons:

* Recent Water Damage
* Visible Growth
* Strange Smell
* Health Complications
* Looking For Peace of Mind
* Real Estate Transaction

We help people in all of the above situations find out not only if they have a problem, but also where the source is. What most restoration companies don’t want you to know is that not all mold is dangerous. Truth of the matter is mold is all around us and every indoor environment has acceptable levels. Any inspection that is done without testing is simply a guess at what is going on with your indoor air quality. Our service is so valuable because our air and surface samples offer hard evidence about what is going on in your home or business.

Any respectable mold remediation company who is suggesting a home or business needs professional intervention should support the idea of a third party company like My Mold finder Inc coming in to do an inspection and mold testing. Even when it is known that a problem is present, customers still benefit from involving us in the process. Our samples collection lets you know exactly what is going on gives a clear picture of PRECISELY what needs work. Determining how far a problem has spread is crucial in determining the size of a work area. If we can contain the work area, you can be sure you’ll save on your restoration cost.

We have no problem letting our clients know that elevated conditions do not exist and no further action is required. However, when a problem is present we offer a detailed report with a step-by-step protocol for removal. In the long run, it is very likely that you are going to save money by spending some on getting an inspection first. Give us a call at 914-772-4451 to speak to a Licensed Mold Assessor- not just a phone receptionist.

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