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Mold Inspection

When looking for someone to handle work inside your home or business, we understand that customers want to work with a local company they can trust. My Mold Finder Inc. operates under a strict code of ethics. With an independent inspector you know that the true purpose is to assess and not to sell a remediation plan. MY Mold Finder has operating procedures that employees must abide by so customers can expect excellence regardless of their location or what types of problems they are experiencing. If you are having indoor air quality issues, the choice should be clear to use My Mold Finder the most trusted mold Assessing company in the NY & CT area. When you hire a local inspector they are most likely part of a neighboring community and that is how small companies grow through positive reviews and experiences vs a nationwide conglomerate or franchises where there are no community ties or common values.

“I know I have mold, I can see it. Why do I need a mold inspection?” This is something that many people wonder and a question we get quite a bit, especially when trying to explain to other people about our business. Well you don’t NEED a mold inspection, but here is how clients do benefit from getting one and how our service is valuable. The most important thing that we offer is an evaluation of your indoor air quality. When indoor growth problems exist, they release thousands of spores into the air that have the potential to cause health problems. Without taking air samples, there is no way to determine how far this problem has spread. Most of the time when situations like the picture above exist, we see elevated levels throughout the entire floor of a home or business. In order to fix these air problems, extensive air cleaning needs to take place. You should also understand that the visible growth that you see is often only the tip of the iceberg. Chances are once you see something on walls, furniture or above a professional mold remediation will need to take place. Bringing us in first will allow you to go into that process informed and our report will lay out every step that needs to be taken. Knowing the scope of work will not only help keep costs low, but also make sure your indoor environment gets fixed correctly the first time. On the other side of things, if you do not see anything, but are experiencing other symptoms of a mold problem you may be right. Our expert inspectors have seen just about every situation that you could imagine. If what you are experiencing in your home or business is due to mold, My Mold finder will thoroughly inspect and assess like no other.


If your Mold assessor cant find your Mold- You get to keep it!

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