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What is Mold Testing

Mold Testing In Homes involves a phenomenon of taking a sample of either the air or a surface. Essentially, a mold inspector “tests” the air or surface to find out what kind of mold exists and/or if the mold found is able to grow in the area tested.

What are the various steps involved in Mold Testing?

The Inspection Process

On your Initial Contact, you will have a conversation with our knowledgeable Mold Assessor about your particular situation. As soon as your questions and concerns are addressed, an appointment is scheduled, if required, to visit your property.

Inspection Engagement

Our mold inspection expert will reach your property at the scheduled appointment time. Inspection and sampling agreements are reviewed and signed and key issues and concerns will be discussed prior to beginning the inspection. When the visit is finished, a full detailed analysis with pictures will be provided to you if no samples were taken. When the samples are taken, they will be sent to the lab, and as soon as the test results are available you will receive a copy.

How do the Services Proceed?

Testing is customized for each home or commercial structure so please allow us to collect some information from you on the initial call or contact form so we can better service your account.Non real estate transaction, assessments and inspections can go from the minimal areas of the clients’ complaint to an intense inspection to find out deficiencies related to the structure.My Mold Finder inc offers air sampling as well as direct sampling for determining types of Mold with respect to an independent laboratory for a complete scientific approach.The usage of Thermal imaging, along with thermal Moisture mapping, moisture probes both invasive as well as non invasive may be used.

Our services may combine items during combination inspection such as:

• Rodent access/ infestation assessment
• HVAC assessment for cleanliness
• Crawl spaces, attics and living areas for all deficiencies

Also, if you have a waterproofing system that needs to be evaluated this and the other combination inspections are performed with respect to Thoroughspect and My Mold Finder for an unbeatable insight into what’s living and growing in your home with you and your family as I can report as a contractor as well as a mold assessor.

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